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Calstone Capsules is a result Oriented remedy for scalding urine full of gritty materials or blocked by calculi. It being coolness and overcomes burning sensation. It disintegrates calculi and clear blockade.

Urinary calculi,burning sensation of urine.
Dosage: 1-2 capsules two to three times a day
Packings: 30 capsules

Action of indvidual Drugs:

Pashanbhed Churna(Bergenia Cilliata):

Pashanbhed possesses calculi breaking properties.The drug is repoted to astrigent,tonic,anti-scorbutic and laxative properties. It is given in dysuria.It is useful in dissolving calcury.

Punarnava(Boerhavia Diffusa):

It has significant anti-inflammatory property.It is diuretic and hence eliminates toxic elements. It increase blood and makes the weak body to Youthful.It is useful in oedema,dysyria& ascites.

Satavri Churna(Asparagus Racemosus)

The Plant is used as a demulcent,Diuretic,aphrodisiac and galactogogue.The root extract exhibit anti-allergic activity.

Gudmar Churna(Gymnema Sylvertris):

It is useful in urniary dis-orders. The leaf is extensively used in the treatment of Diabetes mellitus. It is useful in burning sensation.

Chandraprabhavti Churna:

It is most effective urinary anti-septic and dis-infectant.

Suddha Shilajit Churna:

It is rasayan and promotes strength. It is urinary anti-septic and dis-infectant.

Each Capsules Contains:

Pashanbhed Churna (Bergenia Cilliata) 120mg.
Gokshar churna (Tribulus Terrestris) 100mg.
Punarnava (Boerhavia Diffusa) 70mg.
Satavri Churna (Asparagus Racemosus) 60mg.
Su.Tankan Churna (Borate of Magnesia) 40mg.
Gudmar Churna (Gymnema Sylvertris) 40mg.
Chandraprabhavti Churna 40mg.
Suddha Shilajit Churna 30mg.
Excipients Q.S.