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Counteracts respiratory allergies,allays and arrests broncho-spasms,Exterts dilates bronchioles. It reduces hyper sensetivity to allergens and frequency of asthamatic attacks

bronchitis,cold,cough,Bronchial-asthma,Respiratory disorders
Dosage: 1-2 capsules two to three times a day
Packings: 30 capsules

Action of indvidual Drugs:

Vasa Churna (Adhotoda Vasaka):

It is bitter and specifices Kapha.It is extensively used for treating cold,cough,chronic bronchitis and asthma. Act as a sedative-Expectroant,anti-spasmodic and athelmintic.

Baheda churna(Terminalia Belerica):

Appetizer,antiflatulent anthelmintic.

Trikatu churna(Piper migrum)(Piper longum)(Zingiber Officianle):

It is know to enhance the bio-availability of food and drugs, as well as being a carminative it is much employed as an aromatic stimulant in Dyspepsia and Flatulence. It has fungi static and bacteriostatic properties.

Abhrak Bhasma(Clax of Mica)

It is vitalizer promoting physical and metal vigour. It improves immunity.

Each Capsules Contains:

BharangmoolChurna (Clerondendro,serratum) 50mg.
Su.Tankan churna (Borate Of Magnesia) 50mg.
Javkhar churna (Pottasium Bi-Carbonate) 50mg.
Vasa churna (Adhotida Vaska) 50mg.
Baheda Churna (Terminalia Belerica) 40mg.
Trikatu Churna

(Piper migrum)
(Piper longum)
(Zingiber Officianle)

Kaiphal Churna (Maurica Eculenta) 40mg.
Kantkari Churna (Solanum supratenese) 40mg.
Su.Gandhak Churna (Purifies Sulpher) 30mg.
Praval Bhasma (Clax of Coral) 30mg.
Abhrak Bhasma (Clax of Mica) 30mg.
Sitopaladi Churma 30mg.
Harital Bhasma (Clax of yellow arsenic) 5mg.
Excipients Q.S.